Benefits of CBD Gummy Bears and How to Use Them

Benefits of CBD Gummy Bears and How to Use Them


Benefits of CBD Gummy Bears 

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New to CBD Gummies? Confused what all the labels mean on CBD Gummies?

What's the difference between a CBD gummies 10mg and a CBD Gummies 25mg?

What's the difference between CBD Gummies 300 vs CBD Gummies 600?

What are CBD Melatonin Gummies?  

We break it down for you!

Benefits of CBD Gummies

Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids are natural chemicals that interact with a neurochemical network known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). These interactions can affect functions like memory, immune response, pain transmission, appetite, mood, and sleep.

As a result, products containing CBD may help users deal with symptoms associated with many physical and mental conditions, including:

    • Improved sleep quality
    • Enhanced mood
    • Relief from pain and inflammation
    • Better stress management
    • Improved focus

What are the Best CBD Gummies to Try for Pain and Anxiety?

Our favorite CBD Gummies are RA Royal CBD Gummies.  In the video below, we share why we love RA Royal CBD Gummies! 

Transcription of RA Royal CBD Gummies Review below:


Hi I'm Shereen, the founder of My Pain Center - your number one resource are tried and trusted CBD products.

All the products we sell I use, my parents use, and my friends use. We don't sell any product that we haven't tried or that we don't use in our daily lives. So visit us at

Hey, one of the questions we've been getting a lot lately which makes sense due to COVID-19 is "I'm new to CBD where do I start?" And that is a great question.

How to Use CBD

There are so many products out right now with CBD in it that is is hard to know, where is the best place to start? Do you start with gummies? Do you start with an oil? Do you start with tea? Do you start with honey? There's there's so many CBD Products - there's coffee, there's bath bombs, there's lotions or shampoos or soaps.

I'm going to give it to you real easy if you are new to CBD and you just want to try it to see if it helps you whether you're struggling with sleep, anxiety, stress or pain.

To start, I will recommend gummy bears.

With the gummy bears or any sort of edible - chocolate almonds or peppermints make sure that the product actually has CBD in it. Meaning if it is being sold on, technically they're not allowed to sell products with CBD in it so just be careful where you're purchasing your CBD from.

Now if you are having pain I'm just going to caveat this from the gummy bears if you are having some sort of pain in your body that's localized so you're just hurting like right here in the back of your neck or on your hand like just right here this is hurting I would suggest a cream.

You don't really need a CBD gummy unless for some reason that pain is keeping you up at night. Then you can also in conjunction use a CBD gummy.

Now you're probably thinking okay, well on there's like 10 different types of gummies where do I start?

So all the RA Royal Blend CBD gummies are pretty similar. We just offer different taste profiles to fit our customers needs. So we have a five milligram gummy, a 10 milligram gummy, 20, and then 25. The most popular place to start is a 10 milligram gummy.

How Do I Know My CBD Dose

Now here's the thing with CBD, there is no set dosage that I can tell you is what you need. Everybody's so different. It all depends on your weight, your body genetics, what you just ate, when you're using it, how out of sync your body is for example. Our bodies are like cars and we have to tune them and if you haven't tuned your body in a while you may need a little bit more CBD in the beginning to tune your car.

You and your partner could both use CBD. Your partners could take a 10 milligram gummy and feel the same effects that you would need to take a 20 milligram gummy for it just varies like that.

What Strength CBD Gummy Do I Need? 

So I'll give an example like I'll take a 10 milligram gummy during the day if I'm about to step into a really intense meeting or I have to get on the highway. I mean right now it's not as bad getting on the highway but I'm in Florida and we have a highway called I-4 and it's a hot mess and so if I'm getting an I-4 I'll take a 10 milligram gummy, I have a customer that's 280 pounds and if he takes a 10 milligram gummy, he falls asleep. He gets drowsy and that is a side effect of gummy bear or any CBD.

If you take too much of a CBD product - if it's too strong for you. One of the biggest side effects is drowsiness. So when you first start with CBD, I was highly highly, highly recommend you try it in the evening before you go to bed and not when you're operating any heavy machinery like a car.

So I usually tell people start with a 10 milligram if you do start think you're feeling drowsy you can always cut it in half. I take 10 milligrams during the day for random things and then I'll take a 20 milligram gummy at night for sleep. If I really want a really amazing sleep I may take a 25 milligram gummy.
I'll just show you quickly what the gummy bears look like.

So you know these are our 10 milligram RA Royal gummy bears. This is just like a regular gummy bear that you would find like Hasbro gummy bear the ones at the movie theaters. We sell these in a regular flavor and a sour flavor - sour bear flavor as well.

How to use cbd in your life

We also have a tasty 5mg CBD gummy that tastes like a Sour Patch Kid.  It's our RA Royal Sour Kid gummies. We've had some parents use those on their children for ADHD or anxiety. I'm not advocating that you should use them on your children, but I'm just saying that if you do want to use them on your children start with the five milligrams.

You'll also see we have watermelon gummy bears and these are 10 milligram gummies as well just like the regular bears but they taste like watermelon. So like I said, each gummy bear just has a different flavor profile.

And then we have a 20 milligram RA Royal Blend CBD gummy bears and then these are our 25 milligram RA Royal Blend CBD gummy bears.

So these are Apple rings tastes just like an apple ring. Smells like an apple ring. We also have these in peach rings, those are delicious to those will put you out. Depending again, I shouldn't say that. They put me out. I don't know if they'll put you out. So it's just all about trying and testing.

So like I said, I suggest a 10 milligram one. See if it works if you feeling more relaxed, but it's not really putting you to sleep then take two at night. You can take three at night if you want to as well. And then once you figure out how many you need, then you can come back and get a 20 or 25 milligram gummy. So I hope that helps.

I didn't bring them here but I should have but we also have chocolate almonds. Those are 20 milligrams. So if you prefer something sweet at night or something sweet during the day. 

We also have a peppermint and our peppermint are actually butter mints and those are 50 milligrams and they have a little melatonin in them too. So those are really great if you really really struggle with sleep and you really want to be knocked out but I'm going to caveat all of this.

CBD doesn't work on everyone. everybody is different how they react to CBD so I could be telling you a 50 milligram peppermint will put me out for like, six, seven hours it may not work on you and that's just something you're just gonna have to try CBD and see and I can't I can't tell you if it's gonna work on you or not. So give it a try though. I mean, you have nothing to lose.

Everything is 15% off on our site right now during the Coronavirus chaos because we understand everybody's very anxious and stressed out right now and having trouble sleeping I can attest to that.

And just yeah, let us know if you have any questions hit us up support at you can send us a DM on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, @mypaincenter, and we'll talk to you soon. take care. Have a good weekend and stay safe guys!


Author: Shereen Kassam

Date: November 12, 2021

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