General Questions

What is CBD?  And what does CBD stand for? 

CBD stands for cannabidiol (can-na-bid-i-ol).  It is one of the main cannabinoids (active chemical compounds) found in the cannabis and hemp plants. CBD is known to treat a number of illnesses, both mental and physical.

Some of the things that CBD is most commonly used to treat include:

  • Various forms of pain, both chronic and acute
  • Anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems
  • Arthritis and other inflammatory conditions
  • Fibromyalgia and pain management
  • Various diseases of the intestinal tract like IBS and Crohn’s disease
  • And much more!

CBD strains can be consumed in many different ways. You can eat a CBD-infused edible, swallow a CBD oil capsule, apply a CBD lotion, use a CBD tincture sublingually (under the tongue), or smoke CBD-rich flower.

Utilize a mix of all of them to suite your lifestyle!

Why CBD?

CBD is attractive to a number of people because it presents a holistic alternative to a lot of pharmaceutical medications. We are not doctors, so before stopping any prescription medication or adding CBD do your regimen please talk to your General Practitioner or Specialist.  CBD can interact differently with prescription drugs.

How does CBD work?

CBD works by affecting the body’s endocannabinoid system, a system of neurotransmitters that affects a large number of our bodily processes. Scientific enough for you?!

CBD works by helping to restore balance and function to the endocannabinoid system (ECS). These imbalances can come from a number of things that we’re exposed to on a daily basis: pollution, stress, unhealthy food, etc.

CBD is known to provide a number of positive benefits:

  • Reduced inflammation, improving pain and swelling for people with problems like arthritis and fibromyalgia
  • Increased relaxation and ability to fall asleep
  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Improved sociability
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved digestion

But again, we aren’t doctors!

Is CBD Weed?

No. Marijuana and Hemp are both part of the cannabis family. Depending on how the plant is bred dictates whether it is considered marijuana or hemp. Marijuana is bred with higher levels of THC, which makes it psychoactive. Hemp is a cross breed of the plant to have higher CBD and minimal THC.

How is CBD different than THC?

CBD tends to deliver very clear-headed, functional effects without the euphoric high associated with THC. They’re typically preferred by consumers who are extremely sensitive to the side effects of THC (e.g. anxiety, paranoia, dizziness).

CBD strain is a great choice for someone needing to medicate throughout the day to control pain, inflammation, anxiety, or other chronic conditions.

Is CBD oil legal?

President Donald Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill on December 20, 2018, which legalized the production and sale of hemp CBD — a variety of cannabis that does not produce the psychoactive component (THC) of marijuana.

Will I fail my drug test?

Legally, hemp CBD products must contain less than 0.3 percent THC. Many contain even less than that, hovering around the 0.1 percent range.

However, everyone's body digests THC differently.  In short, yes, you could test positive on your drug test.  

If you are nervous, look at our non-THC products. I highly recommend our Royall gummy bears. They are delicious, work like magic and are THC-free!  However, there is no guarantee you still will not fail your drug test.  Just a lower probability.  

Will CBD make me high?

No, CBD cannot get you “high” because hemp varieties contain virtually zero tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). That’s why it is important to purchase CBD from a reputable seller. We have tried and tested all the products we sell to ensure that they will not make you high.

How will CBD make me feel?

The effect will differ from person to person. A general feeling will be of mind and body relaxation and calmness. This experience can be customized based on how much you take and which products you use. Personally, I feel much more in control of my emotions and my pain management.

Can I overdose on CBD?

No, you cannot overdose on CBD. The worse that could happen is if you take too much, you may feel drowsy. There have been no recorded deaths from CBD, and it is not possible to overdose. CBD is also not addictive.

Any side-effects of CBD?

CBD has no known medical side effects. If you do feel sick, nauseous, or dizzy, it could be the quality of the CBD that you ingested. We have tested and tried our products, so you shouldn’t have any issues with products purchased through our site.

How much do I take?

A good starting amount is anywhere from 10mg to 40mg for adults. Everyone’s tolerance is different, so we suggest starting with a low serving (5mg) for 3 days; see how you feel and then adjust accordingly. See below for dosage recommendations.

How long does it take to feel it?

This differs by individual, and depends on the method in which you ingest it. When you use a sub-lingual concentrate (oil or tincture) it could take anywhere from 15-30 minutes. Edibles can take up to an hour to feel the effects. A topical lotion will take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour to start feeling the effects. But remember, each has a different lasting effect!

How long will it last in my system?

This depends on the serving size, bioavailability, and method in which you ingest it.

What is Bio-Individuality?

How much of the CBD is absorbed into the body compared to other methods with the same amount of CBD.

Product Questions

What should I look for when purchasing CBD?

The most troubling aspect of the rise in CBD products on the market is the lack of quality control. There are no federal guidelines or standards to adhere to, which means that these products may contain contaminants, heavy metals, or pesticides without the consumer’s knowledge, and without any accountability on the part of the company.

Without any testing regulations on these products, it’s also impossible to know how much CBD is actually in the oil, whether it’s labeled accurately, or if it still contains residual chemicals leftover from the extraction process.

We have had extensive conversations with each of our vendors on extraction methods, growing methods, and testing methods. They have all provided Certificates of Analysis, or COA’s, to show the exact amounts of each cannabinoid within the products we offer.

How can I consume CBD?
Method Description Time Relief
Oil/Tinctures Applied directly under the tongue.  Wait 60 seconds or until fully absorbed. You may swallow the rest 15-30 minutes to feel relief 4-6 hours
Capsules/Edibles Oral use if you don’t like the herbal taste of oils Up to 1 hour for digestion 4-24 hours (depends on product)
Topical Applied directly to the skin with no effect on a person’s mental or physical ability 20 minutes to 1 hour to feel relief 5 hours+
What are CBD Oils and Tinctures?

Tinctures are taken sublingually which is a fancy way of saying that you put the oil under your tongue. While it works best to place the drops under your tongue for fastest activation, you can also mix it in to your smoothies, coffee, or anything else you like! Once you place the drops under your tongue, hold it there as long as you can- I recommend 60 seconds – then swallow. This process gives the tiny blood vessels under your tongue first dibs of the oil so that the CBD can enter your bloodstream and start working immediately. You will get a second pass when the oil is digested.

Sublingual CBD oils are a great choice for people who have trouble swallowing capsules or don’t want the excess calories/sugar from gummies. I like to use it at night to control how much CBD I want to consume depending on my pain levels or desire for a good night sleep, since tinctures come with a dropper so you decide how much to take.

Oils do have a tendency to taste a little “weedy” though, which might be a turnoff for some people. I personally got used to the taste after a few days, plus the benefits outweigh the taste. However, I can’t confirm that all tinctures taste good, only the ones we sell!

What are CBD Capsules and Edibles?

CBD gummies are not only delicious, but they also take the guesswork out of dosing. They are convenient to treat anxiety, pain, and sleeplessness.  People also find that using the gummies is a little more discreet than other forms, and they can administer their CBD in public more freely. However, these are not fast acting, so they may not be the right choice for an anxiety attacks or other acute situations.

For the best results, it is highly recommended to eat it on an empty stomach, so as to ease digestion and the absorption process. It can take as much as twenty minutes to 1 or 2 hours for this form of CBD to even get into the bloodstream

Capsules are also a great way to take a measured dosage of CBD, which takes the guesswork out of tinctures and vaping. They can also be a convenient way to get relief as there is no taste of hemp and you avoid the sugar intake found in gummies. Taking a capsule can be very discreet as well, since most of these capsules simply look like any other over-the-counter supplement or vitamin.

When comparing the effects of tinctures over capsules/edibles, consumers typically notice a faster and stronger effect when using tinctures. For anxiety or depression issues, tinctures can be great in high-stress moments where the onset of panic begins, rather than waiting for the CBD to be digested.



What are CBD Topicals?

CBD topicals are applied to specific areas and affect the area locally rather than in a widespread manner. This method is usually used to treat soreness or skin problems by applying it on the affected parts and rubbing it into the skin.

If you do not wish to consume CBD you may prefer to use CBD salves, creams or lotions for relief targeted at specific areas.

CBD topicals are often used to treat painful and inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis and psoriasis, as well as muscle spasms and pain from working out. I use topicals for my chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and sore muscles after a good workout. I apply it to my back, neck, and legs. My mom loves topicals for her arthritis pain and on her back/shoulders to relieve pain from a torn rotator cuff.

Topical application is usually felt in 20 minutes to one hour after usage. However, this effect lasts more than 5 hours thus making it a good method for pain relief. 

Shopping for Products

What should I look for when I buy CBD?
Full-Spectrum vs. Isolate – what’s the difference?

Full-Spectrum: Full-spectrum has been shown to be more effective for most people due to the entourage effect. That’s when many different cannabinoids work together and have the potential for a wider health reach. There will be trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%) in full-spectrum products, although not always.

A recent study indicated that the synergistic effects of a full-spectrum CBD oil were superior to an isolate in the effective treatment of inflammatory conditions.

CBD Isolate: CBD isolate products are generally labeled as being 99 percent or more pure CBD depending on the form they come in. As the name suggests, these products have been isolated down to just the CBD molecule. Thus, these products have no THC.

Isolates can sometimes be more expensive than full-spectrum CBD since they undergo more extensive refinement and require more plant matter in order to get high levels of isolated cannabidiol.

Different ailments might react differently to a full-spectrum CBD than to a CBD isolate. We recommend trying a variety of products and assessing how you feel. If you’re finding your condition is not reacting significantly to a full-spectrum oil then trying an isolate may be the way to go, and vice versa.

Why is my CBD product not working for me?

Several factors could be at play.

1. The product you are using is low quality. It is important to look for trusted brands and reputable manufacturers. All the products on this site have been examined and tested for quality assurance!
Every CBD product should make third-party lab results available, either online, on their packaging, or by request. These lab results show the levels of CBD/THC. The more information available to consumers the better. We have lab results from each one of our vendors verifying these products are top quality. Plus, friends, family and I have tested and tried all these products!

2. Incorrect dosing. You may be using too little or too much. There is no one dosage fits all. We suggest you start at a low dose and gradually increase your dosage.

3. Bioavailability of the product. This is how easily your body can absorb the product.  It is the proportion of a drug or other substance which enters the circulation when introduced into the body and is able to have an active effect. 

4. Longer-term effects of CBD, such as anti-inflammatory properties, require daily use, and the benefits can be felt after two to four weeks.


What do you like the best?

I use all methods depending on the day and my pain/stress levels.

What does your daily routine look like?

I start my day with Panacea DAILY pills which give me a feeling of calmness for the day

At work, I stash gummy bears at my desk for moments when the anxiety of a big meeting or a fire drill gets my heart racing.

In the evenings, while winding down, I may eat a caramel or two to begin relaxing before bed.

And finally, I end my day with my Irie PAIN tincture, as needed, for a great night’s rest.

My mom, who prefers not to utilize tinctures, takes a Panacea DAILY 40 every morning and applies Green Roads muscle and joint topical for a full-day of relief from her arthritis. In the evenings, she loves taking a gummy or two, not only for the relaxation effect that helps her sleep, but also for her sugar craving! She ends her day by applying Select CBD muscle topical to her shoulders and legs for a good night's rest.

Matt, who is not good with a schedule, utilizes gummies and caramels as needed. And my dad is a big fan of the topicals and gummies. He also doesn’t leave the house without his Panacea FAST acting capsules, which come in handy when the inflammation in his back and legs flare up from years of playing sports.

How much CBD should I take daily?

This varies person by person. We suggest you start with a small dosage and see how you feel every 5 days before increasing your dosage.

It’s all about experimenting with what makes you feel your best.

While we are not doctors and do not claim to be, we have spoken at length with many general physicians regarding the positive benefits of CBD. We always recommend starting with a small amount and building if needed. Use the recommended serving suggestions as a guide. Always take your supplement at the same time every day and evaluate how you are feeling after about five days. If you feel more is necessary to address your concerns, increase your amount for the following five days, and so on. Keep in mind that more is not always better, so starting with a lower concentration product when determining your unique serving requirement is the most cost-effective option. If you find that you are going through a lower strength product faster than estimated, you may need to make a change to a higher strength.


There isn’t a clear answer for CBD dosage as each person reacts differently to CBD. Our bodies vary drastically in weight, diet, metabolism, genetics, and environment. Just like there isn’t a “one size fits all” diet, there also isn’t a “one size fits all” for CBD oil dosage.

There is also a difference in looking for the proper CBD dosage for pain, compared with the proper CBD dosage for anxiety.

How much CBD should I consume?

CBD Helps with: Dosage
Anxiety 10-25mg/day. If you have severe anxiety, this number could be higher. Start at a lower dosage and then slowly increase as needed. Everyone is different – figure out what is best for you! I find using a daily capsule work best!
Chronic Pain/inflammation 10-40mg. Pain is relative, so while a certain dosage works for me, it may not work for you. Start at a lower dosage and then slowly increase as needed. Everyone is different – figure out what is best for you! Your dosage in the daytime vs nighttime may differ. To help battle my pain I use a daily capsule and tinctures. You will quickly forget about your relationship with Advil!
Sleep 10mg+ Start at a lower dosage and then slowly increase as needed. You may need more on days that leave you feeling stressed.
Arthritis 20mg+, Varies by person and tolerance My mom uses a mixture of a daily capsules and topicals to treat her arthritis. I highly suggest topicals if you are utilizing CBD for arthritis.

As always, use the “start low and go slow” method. And be patient. Some people find relief within a few days, especially when it comes to chronic pain and inflammation. Others need two weeks or consistent use to feel the effect and to find the right dosage. If you have any questions, reach out!

I’m Taking Other Medications, Does That Matter?

In some cases, yes.CBD can impact your body’s ability to metabolize certain drugs, by changing the speed at which they’re normally processed. This is because CBD affects something called the cytochrome P450 enzyme, which is involved in metabolizing many different types of drugs. It’s important to be informed about which medications are affected by CBD. If you are on prescription drugs, you should ask your doctor about using CBD - your doctor might be able to help you adjust your dosages as necessary.  If you are taking SSRI's please do contact your doctor prior to using CBD.

Other Questions:

Can I mix and match products in my daily routine?


How are the products you sell different than the products I see at bodegas, convenience stores, or smoke shops?

Our products are from reputable sellers who provided third-party lab results. These results show the level of CBD in their product. The products you find elsewhere, well I can’t say where they are from or if they are legit!

Why is there a difference in price from the products I see at my gas station compared to your prices?

Quality! Reputation! And impact!

Can I travel with this?

Domestically, yes. Internationally, you would have to check the laws of the country you are traveling to.

Shipping Questions

How soon before you ship my order?

Orders placed Monday to Thursday will be shipped the following business day.  Orders places Friday to Sunday will be shipped on Monday, excluding major holidays.   

You will receive an email confirmation once the order ships from our warehouse. Domestic orders will include tracking information, including the tracking URL for you to easily reference.

My tracking information says that my order was delivered. But it’s not here.

Sometimes your tracking information will be updated if the shipment is out for delivery in your area. If you see that the tracking status reads as "delivered", but you haven't received it give it a few hours. If you still don’t have it, check with other members of your household, as well as your neighbors. The package may have been delivered to a secure location if you were not available at the time of delivery. If you still can't locate it, send us a note at support@mypaincenter.com and we'll be happy to help.

What is the return/refund policy?

My Pain Center is committed to providing you with excellent products and services. We stand behind the products and guarantee that they are brand new, authentic, and in original packaging.  Return/Refund policy: All products come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee for new and unopened products based on the delivery date as provided by the shipper.  The customer will be required to return the product and pay for the return shipping.  If you have any questions, please contact us at support@mypaincenter.com or call us at 407.780.0073

Can I modify the billing and shipping addresses on my subscription?

Yes. First create an account.  Once you have created an account and are logged in, you may make updates to your billing and shipping address

Can I modify the frequency on my subscription?

Yes.  First create an account.  Once you have created an account and are logged in, you can update the frequency of your subscription.  

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes.  First create an account.  Once you have created an account and are logged in, you can cancel your subscription.  Please reach out to support@mysupportcenter.com.