How to Use CBD in Your Daily Life – My Daily CBD Routine

How to Use CBD in Your Daily Life – My Daily CBD Routine


A lot of people ask me what are my go-to CBD products.  Honestly, I like to mix it up.  But here are the main products I use every day!

Morning: I start each morning with a Panacea Daily40 capsule.  These are time-released CBD capsules that help me stay calm throughout the day.  I travel to work using the freeway, and if you’ve ever been to Florida, we have some crazy drivers! So the Daily40 helps me control my road rage!

Afternoon:  I keep a stash of CBD gummy bears in my car, my backpack, and my desk drawer.  You knew know when you need to pop one because someone is getting on your last nerve or you have a big presentation and your heart is racing.  I like CBD gummies because they don’t raise attention.  I usually carry 10mg CBD Gummies with me for the calming effect.

Evening:  Prior to bed, I will take a CBD oil tincture.  I like the one by Koi Naturals.  It is a Broad-Spectrum oil, which means it has no THC (not trying to lose my job!), but has the added benefits that are missing in an isolate oil.  I like using a CBD oil because I can determine my own dosage using the dropper and also because it is fast absorbing in to my body.  Meaning, unlike a gummy bear, I don’t have to wait for it to pass through my digestive system.

I will also use a CBD cream for my sciatica pain and lower back pain.  I usually grab my Green Roads Muscle and Joint Relief Heat Roll-On Cream as my go-to. I like the Green Roads CBD Cream because it doesn’t require me to get my hands dirty.  I also use the ActivFit Massage and Recovery Gel if I had a hard work out and my back or glutes are sore.  I use this cream before I work out and after I work out for maximum benefits.

Sometimes, I’ll have a gummy or a Chocolate Almond at night because I have a sweet tooth.  I love the CBD Chocolate Almonds by RA Royall.  They are my all-time favorite! 

All-Day: I always carry my vape pen with me.  I’m not a vaper, but I find that in crunch situations it is the fast way to get a dose of CBD.  So before I’m about to go on stage or do my podcast, and I can feel my heart racing, I will take a few puffs of my vape pen.  

I hope this helps! If you have any questions let us know: support at or hit us up on social media @mypaincenter


Author: Shereen Kassam

Date: July 15, 2020

Rating: 4.9 / 5

Category: CBD Gummy, Koi Naturals, ActivFit Massage

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