CBD: What to Expect

CBD: What to Expect



You want to try CBD oil, but you're nervous what to expect?   

Let me tell you some of the positives you will feel (and this list is by no means exhaustive)! 

CBD Oil will make you feel relaxed

First off, let's be clear - CBD will not make you high! It will however relax your endocrine system that may take the edge of your stress and may calm you down!  I am a big fan of a tincture, sublingual capsule, or gummies when I'm feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or just need to take the edge off but don't want to drink an entire bottle of wine!

CBD Oil will reduce your stress

When you are less stressed, CBD can help you think more clearly! I tend to pop a CBD gummy when I get home from work.  It allows me to wean off my stressful day and put me in a more creative space to do what I love!  Many people use CBD to focus, and because there is no THC, you can use it at work or school to get your mind in the game! 

CBD Oil will feel more in control

Everyone is raving about CBD, but how will you feel when you take it?  It all depends on what product you use, the legitimacy of the product, and for what ailment.  But I can say this - if you are looking for stress relief, pain relief, or insomnia relief, you will definitely find it with CBD! If you need help picking the right product - email me!  But buyer beware - not all CBD is made the same! Make sure you purchase your product from a legit source and beware Amazon and eBay do not allow the sale of CBD.  

CBD Oil will help you sleep better

CBD helps relax you and allows you to get a better night's rest.  Sleep is so important to feeling better and healthier! Start by getting a better night's sleep and you'll be in a better mood! I use CBD at night for pain relief which used to keep me up all night.  Now that I've been able to manage my pain, I've been getting the best sleep which leaves me energized for the day ahead!  And it's made all the difference in my mood! I also don't depend on caffeine as much to get through the days.

Consistency is key with CBD Oil

Make CBD part of your daily regiment for maximum benefits.  If you try CBD and don’t notice a difference, increase your dose.  For maximum benefits, use your CBD everyday for 3 to 4 weeks.  It's similar to eating healthy.  You don't eat healthy one day and feel better.  Be consistent!  Start with a low dose, and keep increasing it until you find the optimal amount.  Don't be afraid to experiment!  The worst that will happen if you take too much CBD is drowsiness.  But don't experiment if you about to get behind the wheel or operate heavy machinery!


Author: Shereen Kassam

Date: July 15, 2020

Rating: 4.9 / 5

Category: CBD Oil, CBD Oil for Sleep, CBD OIl for Health

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