About the My Pain Center Team

Hello! I’m Shereen – a stand-up comedian (Google "FunnyBrownGirl"), podcaster, actress, radio personality and survivor of chronic pain and anxiety!

My journey with pain began at the age of 18 when I was rear-ended by a vehicle at 60 mph.  I walked away with a whiplash, which required physical therapy and a cocktail of prescription drugs.

Two years later, I was training for a 500-mile cycling fundraiser in Egypt when a car ran a stop sign and hit me.  My doctor sent me to Egypt with Oxycontin.

My story with pain didn’t stop there.  It got worse.  Walking down the street on a Friday night, I was struck down by a drunk driver.

It’s been over 10 years since that incident and I still have back pain and sharp pains running from my hip to my knee that flares up at all hours of the day, especially when I’m sitting for too long, exercising, or sleeping.

To cope, I’ve done everything under the sun to combat my back and leg pain – physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, chiropractor, foam rollers, yoga, and Pilates - to name a few!  I’ve also tried over the counter medication such as Advil, Advil PM, Tylenol, Tylenol Extra Strength, and Tylenol Arthritis for years, coupled with prescription pills such as Fentanyl, Oxycodone, Tramadol, Cyclobenzaprine, and Metaxalone.  My bathroom used to look like a pharmacy!

With all the pain and sleepless nights, I was usually grouchy on a daily basis.  And as a woman on the go, I didn’t have time for pain to slow me down!

Two years ago, while in Canada, my uncle, a general physician, took me to a cannabis store, just to check it out.  It turns out these stores don’t sell products to get you high, they sell products to help with pain and stress!  On a whim, I purchased a bottle of CBD Tincture.  No lie, I had the best night’s sleep ever.  Not once did I wake up to a throbbing pain in my hip or a sore back.  I didn’t have to get up to take Advil or turn on my heating pad.  I woke up the next day energized and ready to live my life!  Not only was my pain gone, but I felt less anxious.  I noticed that I had stopped grinding my teeth, clenching my jaw, or getting headaches.  And the best part – CBD is not addictive nor does it have side effects that harm your body!     

I decided to start this online store to help others with their well-being without the hassle of leaving your home.  There are so many CBD products out there and there are bound to be more in 2019.  Every product that we sell has been tried and tested by the My Pain Center team.  We hope that we can help you find the product that works best for you!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us (shereen@mypaincenter.com) or call/text us (407-780-0073)! 


I am a firefighter/paramedic. My job is intense and comes with a lot of stress, both mental and physical. I don’t always have time to rest and heal. When a call for help comes, we have to go.

My pain is mostly acute, caused by a hard day’s work, or lack of sleep. The pain is never too intense, but it can slow me down. I don’t like to use pain medications because of their adverse side-effects and the potential for addiction. Hot and cold compresses were all I had until I was introduced to CBD. CBD is great because it has no known attributes of addiction or overdose. 

Now when I take CBD, I feel great, and best of all, no side-effects.  The only side-effect of taking too much CBD is drowsiness.  That’s why we urge you to start small, and build up.  I have used many forms of CDB - topicals, tinctures, and my favorite, gummies. All forms of CBD have helped my general well-being, and I have noticed that I am more relaxed now since I started using CBD. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us (support@mypaincenter.com) or call/text us (407-780-0073)!


I am your typical 60-something mom on-the-go.  I haven’t retired yet, and I can’t see myself retiring anytime soon.  The only thing slowing me down is my arthritis and muscle/joint pain. 

I can’t get enough of CBD, although I wasn’t always a fan. We were in Vancouver for a funeral, and I was in so much pain not only from the long flight, but also from the cold weather coupled with the stress and anxiety of a funeral.  My daughter bought a topical CBD cream for me.  After she applied it on me, I totally forgot about it until a few hours later.  I was running back and forth entertaining friends and family at my nephew’s house.  My daughter stopped me and asked, “aren’t your legs hurting?”  I replied, “No, I feel like I’m 20 years younger right now.” 

I used to take a variety of prescription pills for my arthritis and muscle pain, as well as apply Flector pain patches all over my body.  Now I'm weaning of my prescription medication and using CBD. I carry my CBD topicals with me everywhere I go!  The topicals from Green Roads is my favorite from over the 20 different brands I have tried and tested.  I use the topicals not only for my arthritis, but also for my back and shoulder pain due to a torn rotator cuff.   

Recently, I also implemented gummies and a daily CBD capsule into my routine.  I love taking the gummies at night for “dessert” and a capsule to help me manage my pain and get a good night’s rest.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us (support@mypaincenter.com) or call/text us (407-780-0073)! 


I am an accountant, and I love what I do! However, some days I am unable to get out of bed because my chronic pain is so bad from years of playing sports and a pinched nerve.

On top of that, I recently tore a muscle in my shoulder which is immensely painful and keeps me from sleeping.

My doctors keep feeding me prescription pain killers and muscle relaxers, many times without even checking what other medication I am taking.

In an effort to help me, I tried Panacea FAST acting CBD capsule and within 25 minutes I was a different person.  Since then I have started taking a FAST acting CBD capsule to start my day and using Irie Pain Tincture at bedtime.  I also apply Green Roads topical cream on my shoulders twice a day.  

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us (support@mypaincenter.com) or call/text us (407-780-0073)! 

MyPainCenter is based in Orlando, Florida, but we ship across the USA!  We've been heard on iHeartRadio's Monsters in the Morning, as well as A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan.  If you are searching for a trustworthy CBD company to buy your next CBD oil for anxiety or CBD cream for pain - give us a try!