What is CBD Shisha?

What is CBD Shisha?



My Pain Center recently began carrying CBD Shisha and it is flying off our shelves!  But what exactly is CBD Shisha and how do you use it?  And what do the Shisha CBD reviews say?


cbd hookah for cbd shisha for a relaxing evening
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CBD hookah oil is all the rage lately and for good reason too. Many people are using CBD Shisha, or hemp hookah, for its relaxing and calming properties.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a nice soothing session of CBD infused Shisha.  

CBD Herbal Shisha is a wonderful way to relax any time of the day, whether out by the pool or watching a movie.  I personally enjoy it towards the end of my day to help me relax and provide me a deep sleep.  A few puffs are all you need for a chill evening. 

Our CBD Herbal Shisha is different from a traditional shisha, such as al-Fakher, in that it doesn't have any tobacco or nicotine.  Which is a big plus! 

What I personally love about CBD shisha, compared to smoking traditional shisha tobacco is that the herbal CBD hemp hookah doesn't make my feel lightheaded or dizzy.  Traditional shisha also has the habit of irritating my throat, which many times turns in to a coughing frenzy and is super embarrassing!  Lastly, sometimes when I smoke traditional shisha for too long I get a stomach ache.

With CBD shisha I have a pleasant experience, with smooth puffs, and a calming feeling. 


cbd hookah flavor just peachy cbd infused shisha

Samawi Shisha combines unrivaled flavor and smooth, satisfying smoke infused with 200mg of Full Spectrum CBD hemp oil.  As mentioned, our CBD herbal shisha is tobacco free and nicotine free; as well as 100% herbal.   

CBD shisha is perfect if you are looking for a relaxing evening without the side effects of how traditional tobacco shisha may make you feel.  

It's also a great alternative if you are tired of your traditional CBD methods and want to experience something different.  

CBD Infused Shisha Flavors: 

We carry the following CBD hookah flavors:

  • Blueberry Mint
  • Mighty Mint
  • Mega Mango
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Double Apple
  • Fizzy Bubble
  • Going Grape
  • Just Peachy

Samawi Shisha CBD Infused Shisha Reviews

In this video I review the Samawi Shisha CBD infused Shisha in Mega Mango flavor!  I review the whole experience from the packaging to the exhale! 


If you have a flavor you’re interested in and want us to review, drop it in the comments!

Check out our variety of CBD Shisha flavors!

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Author: Shereen Kassam

Date: Jult 03, 2020

Rating: 4.9 / 5

Category: CBD Shisha, CBD Infused Shisha, Samawi Shisha

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