Best CBD Gifts for Dad to Win Father’s Day

Best CBD Gifts for Dad to Win Father’s Day


Celebrating Father's Day at a Soccer Match in Orlando

Your dad deserves the best CBD gifts on Father’s Day. After all, it is/was a HUGE responsibility to keep you alive and (mostly) unscathed.

Show your appreciation and provide relaxation this Father’s Day with CBD-infused gummies, massage gel or smokable hemp. Because who knows what he may do for you when he’s feeling stress-free and happy.  

Maybe he’ll buy you a new car, or go to the mall with you - willingly(!), or clean the house….

Okay, okay, let’s not push our luck! This day is all about your dad after all. So keep reading for quality CBD products that he’ll love almost as much as you!

How we chose the best CBD gifts for Dad

Woman surprised in front of lap for best CBD father's day gift

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Everyday we talk to dad’s across the country looking for guidance on CBD.  Whether it be a sore shoulder from doing work around the house to one’s ability to get a good night’s sleep, we are listening. 

We compiled all the data from:

  • our conversations with dads
  • their purchase history
  • their reviews of the products

To provide you with the most popular products for your father.  

Best CBD Gummies for Dad:

CBD Gummy Bears for the Classic Man:

best cbd gummies for dad

RA Royal CBD Gummy Bears

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Your dad probably hasn’t enjoyed gummy bears since he was kid, until he tries these! These great-tasting gummies from Royal, infused with ~10mg/gummy, will have him feeling relaxed after a long day of work.   

They are also perfect for:

  • easing discomfort of sore muscles from an intense workout
  • decreasing daily concerns and overthinking
  • helping him fall asleep faster

These can be the ideal snack for dad while he’s grilling or playing poker with his friends.

Learn more about the product by clicking here.


CBD Gummies for the Fun Dad:

RA Royal CBD Peach Rings

RA Royal Peach Rings best CBD gift for Father's Day

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For the dad looking for fun ways to add CBD to his life. Our CBD Gummies come in delicious flavors: Pineapple, Banana, Peach, and Apple.


CBD Mints for Dad Who Needs to Sleep:

BEST CBD Mints Sleep Father's Day Gift

RA Royal CBD Peppermints with Melatonin


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Check out all our CBD Gummy flavors! We offer a variety of flavors and forms such as Gummy Fish and Peach Rings.


Best CBD Creams for Father’s Day:

CBD Cream for the Active Dad:

ActivFit CBD Recovery and Massage Gel 500mg

ActivFit CBD Recovery and Massage gel 500mg Father's Day GiftShop CBD Gel

Dad bods may be in, but accompanying aches shouldn’t stop your dad from hitting the gym.  Sports injuries, muscle spasms, inflammation, or pain can slow down your dad’s active lifestyle. 

Luckily, there is a CBD muscle and joint cream that can bring fast and lasting relief. 

Applied directly to the skin, this moisturizing blend of menthol, chamomile extract, and lavender oil will bring you dad the relief he needs. And without leaving a greasy residue behind.

CBD Cream for the Dad on His Feet:

Green Roads CBD Oil Muscle and Joint Heat Relief Cream - 150mg 

Green Roads CBD Muscle and Joint Heat Relief Roll-On 150mg for Dad

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Fishing, running, biking...the list goes on for the dad that can't stop moving.  Our Green Roads Muscle and Joint Heat Relief roll-on leaves him feeling refreshed and ready for the next day.  

All with the help of powerful advanced heating technology; this CBD Pain Cream is one of the best in the market. Check out Green Roads Muscle and Joint Heat Relief Roll-On Cream for your dad!

Learn more about the products by clicking here.

Best CBD Pre-Rolls for Father’s Day:

CBD For the OG:

Hemp Garden Pre-Rolls 

Best Smokable CBD Hemp Garden Pre-Roll for Dad

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Does your favorite dad cringe when he hears the word “in-laws”? Does he get over zealous at baseball games?  Does he come home from a long-day at work with a stiff back?  

Then consider these pre-rolls for him. They’re a perfect way to relax after a long day.  

Benefits of CBD pre-rolls include:

  • Quickest way to experience the benefits of CBD, including a relaxing and calming sensation
  • His favorite CBD strains like AC Diesel #2, Sour Patch and Chardonnay No. 2
  • May aid those who wish to quit smoking cigarettes 

Learn more about the product by clicking here.

Get all the best products in one with our CBD Dad Care Bundle

CBD gifts for dad

Check out our Father's Day Bundle, which includes

  • 600mg RA Royal CBD Sour Bears
  • 500mg ActivFit CBD recovery and massage gel
  • Three CBD pre-rolls

Be the best (and favorite kid) and buy the Dad Care Bundle here.

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