The CBD Headquarters

At My Pain Center, we have a mission to help you have a better today.  We focus on providing tools to improve your daily lifestyle.  These tools include education, inspiration, and true and tested products for stress, anxiety, and pain relief.  Taking control of your anxiety and pain allows you to live your best life. Invest in yourself today for a better tomorrow. 

Our Mission: To improve one’s quality of life by offering educational resources and alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical medicine in order to guide people on a journey to a better life 

My Pain Center is based in Orlando, Florida and ships across the United States.  Let us help you find pain, stress, and anxiety relief with our selection of tried and tested CBD products.    

  1. CBD Fast Facts (3 images)
  • Natural product (image of side effects with a cross on it)
  • Doesn’t get you high (image of THC with a cross on it)
  • Spectrum of benefits (image of body with all the benefits) 
  1. Our Product Ethos: We have a limited product selection because we believe in only selling products that we trust, that we have tested and that we can stand behind. Each of these products has been verified and tested to ensure the legitimacy of product and effectiveness.  We want to help you live your best life!