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Samawi Shisha CBD Infused Shisha (for Hookah) - 200mg


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Samawi Shisha CBD Hookah Shisha combines unrivaled flavor and smooth, satisfying smoke:

  • Infused with 200mg of Full Spectrum CBD hemp oil
  • Tobacco Free & Nicotine Free
  • 100% herbal CBD Shisha 
  • Full spectrum CBD 

We carry CBD shisha in Blueberry Mint, Mega Mango, Pink Lemonade, Mighty Mint, Fizzy Bubble, Just Peachy, Going Grape, and Double Apple flavors.

What is CBD Shisha?

Samawi CBD Shisha combines 100% herbal, nicotine and tobacco-free shisha with 200mg of top quality CBD for a hookah experience unlike any other. Our premium hemp hookah herbal blend is specially crafted for smooth and flavorful smoke with every bowl. Feel the difference with CBD-infused Samawi Shisha today!

CBD Shisha Flavors:

Blueberry Mint

The sweet, fruity taste of blueberries meets a refreshing burst of mint in Samawi Shisha Blueberry Mint flavor! These perfectly complimenting flavors combine to create a delicious yet potent blend of CBD-infused herbal Shisha. Specially formulated without nicotine or tobacco, you get all of the potential benefits of CBD and a taste that will keep you coming back.

Mighty Mint 

With a cool, refreshing burst of mint flavor in every inhale, Mighty Mint herbal CBD shisha never fails to impress. This tobacco-free, CBD infused blend of herbal shisha is smooth and satisfying for a unique hookah experience. Not only do you get the icy mint flavor that you love, you also get all of the potential benefits that CBD has to offer. 

Double Apple

One of the most popular shisha flavors, now infused with CBD! Samawi Shisha Double Apple packs a punch of sweet and tangy apple flavor that will make your mouth water. 

Mega Mango

Experience a taste of the tropics with Samawi Shisha Mega Mango herbal shisha! 

Pink Lemonade

One of your favorite childhood treats is now a delicious blend of herbal shisha! Samawi Shisha Pink Lemonade herbal CBD shisha is nicotine and tobacco free, and features a mouthwatering blast of sweet, citrusy flavor to please every taste palate.

Fizzy Bubble

Samawi Shisha’s Fuzzy Bubble brings a fun, nostalgic mix of mouthwatering flavors to your hookah! With a hybrid of familiar soda pop flavors combined with a minty kick, you’ll love Fizzy Bubble! 

Going Grape

If you’re a fan of sweet, fruity flavors, then look no further than Samawi Shisha’s Going Grape! Featuring a tantalizing burst of delicious grape flavor, and smooth, nicotine/tobacco-free smoke, Going Grape is the perfect CBD shisha for you.

Just Peachy

Samawi Shisha’s Just Peachy herbal shisha is like biting into a fresh, juicy peach with every puff! You’ll love the combination of smooth, rich smoke with the tangy, fruity peach flavor. 


How to Use CBD Shisha

Suggested Use:  Pack shisha bowl with product. 


Strength: 200mg of CBD (full-spectrum)

CBD Shisha Ingredients: Hemp Oil, Honey, Glycerin, Cane Molasses, Flavoring

CBD Shisha Review

My Pain Center Thoughts:

My new favorite shisha! I usually only use al-Fakher shisha tobacco, but when I saw CBD shisha I knew I had to try it.  I am amazed at the smoothness of the product, as well as the flavoring.  If you're looking for a clean, natural smoke, look no further!  

Check out our Samawi Shisha CBD Infused Review of Mega Mango

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Samawi CBD Shisha combines unrivaled flavor and smooth, tobaccoless hookah smoke infused with full-spectrum CBD oil. This 100% herbal shisha contains no tobacco or nicotine so that users can experience relaxation and all the great benefits of CBD without the harmful side effects associated with tobacco and nicotine. Our variety of CBD shisha will satisfy all CBD and hookah lovers. 

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