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Hemp Garden CBD Pre-Roll AC Diesel #2 Pain Relief Sleep
Hemp Garden CBD Pre-Rolls Hemp Garden CBD Pre-Roll Sour Patch Pain Relief Stress Relief Hemp Garden CBD Pre-Roll Berry Exotic Anxiety Relief Mellow Hemp Garden CBD Pre-Roll Chardonnay No. 2 Energizing Mood Lifter Hemp Garden CBD Pre-Roll AC Diesel #2 Pain Relief Sleep
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Hemp Garden CBD Pre-roll Hemp Joint

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Berry Exotic 

Berry Exotic hemp joint is best known for its berry and earthy aroma. It contains 17.6% CBD. If you are looking for indica traits in your CBD joint, then Berry Exotic is the best for you.

AC Diesel #2 

The AC Diesel CBD hemp joint contains 18.50% CBD and 0.3% THC. It has a high level of Myrcene (5.04 mg/g).

Sour Patch 

This hemp joint – Sour Patch, contains 14% CBD and 0.3 THC. This CBD hemp joint has an earthy and pungent lemony aroma. 

Chardonnay No. 2 

Chardonnay Nr2 hemp joint contains 18.8 % CBD and 0.3% THC. Similar Terpene profile to the original Chardonnay, it does have a mild fruity scent and moderate levels of Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Bisabolol and Guaiol.


    How to use

    Light and smoke. 

    Suggested Use: Use as needed.  


    Ingredients: Full-spectrum hemp extract oil and natural terpenes.  No added oils or toxic components. 


    My Pain Center Thoughts:  

    You can definitely tell this is a natural product with no additional additives.  Smooth inhale.      

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